About us


SAFE India is a non-profit Nation Building Organisation taken its first shape on 11th May 2015. It was founded with the objective to HELP the HELPLESS. SAFE India has registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 (IGR). SAFE India believes that development can take place only when there is decentralization of activities at the grass-roots level and the people are directly involved in developmental activities. SAFE India believes in facilitating development rather than taking the task of undertaking actual development. We, at SAFE India believe that, economic condition through sustainable development is the key to lead a dignified life for the rural mass. The expert group of SAFE India is consisting of expertise from different field like Disaster, Safety, Health, Animal Care, Safe Driving Skill, Vehicle Technical Skill, Motor Vehicle Acts & Rules, Emergency Health Care, Advocacy, Driving Behaviour, Training, Traffic Management, etc.