Core Activities

Road Safety

Right to life and safety is a fundamental right of any citizen. This is guaranteed under the Indian Constitution. Anything which is hazardous to human beings and violates the right to life, such as road safety is covered under this Right.

Road Safety is one of our core identified area we are working under our programme “Road Safety Partnership”.

Road fatalities currently lead the list of accidental deaths in India, much more than any other accidental deaths like by drowning, fire, rail or air mishaps, etc. At the inquest of the world’s first road traffic death in 1896, the Coroner was reported to have said ‘this must never happen again’. More than a century later, 1.35 million people are killed on roads every year and up to 50 million more are injured.

Road Safety is critical issue with more than 1 reported fatality every three minute in India. Thus, there are many dimensions to the problem. Unfortunately, India does not have as many running initiatives or organizations and we too, are not huge to address all issues. Under this programme we thus have focused only on behavioral aspect of driving training, which nobody is currently into and we believe, this is the most critical area which if addressed properly has the potential to significantly bring down casualties.


RSDAS is our flagship campaign designed to train the drivers to increase their driving Behavioural skill for a safer environment on road. RSDAS is an acronym for “Road Safety Drivers Accreditation System”. RSDAS believes safety resides in mind and drivers if given behavioural training, it will not only help reduce road fatalities but also improve their personal, social and family lives, indirectly also contributing to Road Safety.

Road Safety Advocacy

Advocacy on Road Safety is an important part of our Road Safety initiative as it creates pressure on concern authorities for the implementation of policies. There are many good Laws, Policies, Supreme Court guidelines on road safety but these rules or guidelines will be useless if not implemented at ground. Our experts always update their knowledge base on different laws and guidelines before intervention on any advocacy programme. We invited different stakeholders on a floor to discuss on the topic and implementation status of the law and policy on which we do advocacy. We encourage our authorities and stakeholders to make commitments.

Road Safety Audit

Road Safety Audit and study on specific road safety issues is very necessary to get the evidence for better intervention and advocacy. Before launching any advocacy programme we always do Study on the issue to gather right information, status and evidence so that we can discuss in a right manner with concern stakeholders or departments.

We do Road Audit partnering with departments like Transport Authorities and RTO. Some of our studies and audits are- "Status of the implementation of Good Samaritan Law and awareness level", "Safety of School Children during Transportation", Driver's Behavioral Study, etc.

Road Safety Award

Road Safety Partnership champions RSDAS as leading cause and believes RSDAS will help reduce road fatalities by skilling drivers through behavioural intervention. There is no comprehensive, self-sustainable, scalable initiative currently in India and as effective and productive as RSDAS. It is thus imperative to help scale RSDAS and thus Road Safety Partnership has instituted Road Safety Awards for promoting and adopting RSDAS as its champion initiative.

Pledge for Road Safety

Intended to garner general road safety awareness among youth and citizens. Give a call or send a mail to Pledge for Road safety. Corporates, executives, individuals and everybody are busy in their social, personal and professional lives. We ought to also care a little for some good cause. Road Safety is one such important initiative. Efforts to boost this will save many lives. Road fatalities, disabilities, injuries shutter families. This is entirely preventable. Road Safety Partnership has provided and is attempting to champion this cause and the program is designed to become self-sustainable. But this too needs support from we all and Pledge for Road Safety is thus very important pledge to showcase your support for this initiative.

Safety of School Children during Transportation

Honorable Supreme has a very strict guideline to be followed for the safety of school children during transportation. Respective State Government & CBSE has also issued the same guidelines to all concern departments, authorities & schools to follow the guideline strictly.

But it is very unfortunate that the implementations of above guidelines are very poor. In most of cases schools, vehicle owners, concern authorities are unknown about the guidelines. Safety of children is confined only in papers. The situation is in alarming stage.

We have priorities the issue as very sensitive and started the School Campaign. Under this campaign two-hour road safety basic awareness training has been given to students. And 20 hours of Drivers’ Behavioural Skill Training has been given to school vehicle driver.

As a pilot we have covered 120 number of Govt. High Schools around Bhubaneswar and completed within 27 days. We trained 12600 students and 650 teachers.

Good Samaritan Law- Training Awareness

The Study reveals that the Implementation of the Good Samaritan Law is a major challenge. Given the low levels of awareness, interventions must be centered around raising awareness about the Law amongst citizens and key stakeholders. The other way to improve implementation is for States to enact legislation protecting Good Samaritans.

  • 84% people are not aware of the Good Samaritan Law.

  • 76% of medical professionals reported that no action was taken against professionals who did not comply with the Good Samaritan Law.

  • 59% Good Samaritans reported being detained by Police despite the Law.

Our objective is to creating Awareness Workshop of Police Officers and Medical Officers who are key stakeholders to help in most of accidents. Police and doctor play a vital role in any road accident and they should be aware about the “Good Samaritan Law” and the concept of “Golden Hour”.

First Responder

A first responder is a common citizen who receives training in first aid and usually the first to arrive at the scene of emergency.

The world over, trained first responders have been instrumental in keeping victims alive until they can be transported to a hospital. They have been particularly effective in helping cardiac and trauma accident victims.

With the passage of the Good Samaritan law in May 2015, any citizen acting in good faith to help an accident victim is protected from pressure by law enforcement to disclose their identity or appear in court. This gives first responders in an emergency situation adequate legal protection from harassment.

We are in process to create a force of motivated volunteers or first responders with extensive training. The objective is for them to reach the accident location much faster than an ambulance can, to extend help to the distressed citizen.